$100 for you.

10% off for your friend.

Our appreciation for every friend you refer to Occasion, when they become a customer.

YES! I'd Love To Refer A Friend And Get $100 in cash-back.

How it works Three simple steps to cashing in your reward.

1) Add your friend's details and we'll send them a short video about how Occasion can help them get more bookings

2) If your friend likes Occasion, they get a 10% discount on their Occasion subscription.

3) Your $100 cash back will be processed as a refund on your credit card.  

Which of your friends could you refer to Occasion?

Do you know someone who organises classes, events, birthday parties?  

If they have (or want) a calendar on their website for customers to book directly, they could be a good match for Occasion.  

Our customers include: art studios, cooking schools, skating rinks, kids play places, etc.

Start here to earn your $75 credit

And give your friend an awesome 10% discount

Do you know somebody who might love Occasion as much as you do?  

Enter their details on the right and we’ll send them a video and more information about what their Occasion calendar would look like and how it would help them get more bookings.  

Don't forget:  

  • Your friend gets a 10% discount
  • For each person you refer, you get a $75 Account Credit
  • You can refer as many people as you want (Fill out the form, one friend at a time. The form refreshes after completing.)