Earn a $75 Occasion Account Credit!

For each friend that you introduce as a new Occasion customer


Send Your Friend A Free Sample Calendar To Get Your Credit

How it works

Three simple steps to cashing in your gift card


1) Send your friend a free personalized sample calendar 


2) If your friend likes the sample, he gets a 10% discount on his Occasion subscription


3) Your $75 Account Credit will be waiting in your inbox

Which of your friends could you refer to Occasion?

Do you know someone who organises classes, events, birthparties?

If they have (or want) a calendar on their website for customers to book directly, they could be a good match for Occasion.

Our customers include: art studios, cooking schools, skating rinks,
kids play places, etc.

Start here to earn your $75 credit

Send Your Friend A Free Sample Calendar 

The best way for your friend to see whether an Occasion calendar could be useful for their business, is by checking out a (free) customized sample.

So enter their details on the right and we’ll create and send their sample immediately.

Don't forget:

  • Your friend gets a 10% discount
  • For each person you refer, you get a $75 Account Credit
  • You can refer as many people as you want

(Fill out the form, one friend at a time. The form refreshes after completing.)